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  1. Dear OM,

    Are their instructions written in English for Log4OM? I have downloaded a copy, and it looks like what I need, but instructions in English would be helpful. I am just beginning to learn Italian since I returned from a recent trip to Florence which was wonderful.


    Alan (K1MZM)

    • Hi Alan,
      Actually there is not an updated manual neither in italian language, but Log4OM is almost “self explaining” on many parts.
      My plans are to update the italian release and make a “fast” conversion to English using some translators, that could be refined in a future.

      News on this site
      Thank you for trying my work, feel free to ask whatever you need via mail (iw3hmh (at) pisto.it.

      73 de Daniele IW3HMH

    • Ciao Pino, gli utenti che hanno testato la versione Linux hanno installato la mono-complete.
      Ad ogni modo la libreria MONO ha dei *seri* problemi in alcuni componenti che rendono difficile l’utilizzo, a questo stadio.

      per l’uso se non ricordo male è sufficiente il comando “mono logOMUI.exe”

  2. I can not get program to import my log.
    It says it does, but can not find it any where please help.

    thanks Joe

    • In FILE menu create a new log file, named as you like more.
      Then, from FILE menu itself, IMPORT ADIF.
      That’s all

    • From QSL Management menu you must select the “LOTW” tab and press the UP ARROW to upload, DOWN ARROW to download.
      Lotw informations must be set in the settings page

  3. I have tried the program and it looks good but have a couple of issues. When using the mysql databasae i cannot import my log adif file, it says there is no connection, even though I can manually enter contacts from the software and rig control stopped working after I manually changed mode.

  4. when I add a new contact to the log it does not add the country or the iota island name.
    the country list drop down list is empty. I have uped all the new data. please help.
    love the program.

  5. Welcome. Very nice program you wrote. Is one could make the Polish language?
    If possible, I ask for the source file. Welcome to my page
    Roman SP4JEU

    • Hi Roman, thanks for your interest. About your requests i think we can do something with translations in a future but actually we don’t have enough resources/time to do that. Sources aren’t public, sorry :)

  6. Hi there, first of all congratulations about this new logbook. I upgraded the log to latest version, but lost the configuration. Is there anyway to save the cofiguration in a file to don’t lose the config every time we upgrade the program?


    • Hi, all log4om releases keep the configuration between upgrades, except when there are big reorganizations into configuration files. This was the first one, i think there will be another big reconfig in the next release due internal optimizations.

      As said, you can save a PDF file with your relevant actual configuration from Settings menu -> Print.
      I strongly suggest to do that to make all your info’s saved and available in any case.

    • Hi Bert. removing configurations is due to some deep changes in config structure. I plan to have another big revolution on config in the near future, but from version to version the info are kept safe.
      Anyway you can print to PDF your actual configuration from settings page for future use.

  7. Hi Tony, i’ve a 897D and works flawlessy (same protocol as you).
    I strongly suggest you to use Hamlib for your rig, since is light than omnirig recently added.
    Can you send me your log file (help menu -> show log file) to my direct address? You can find my mail on contacts section.
    Also i suggest you to join the mailing. Link is in the same contact section.

  8. it’s probably a RF re-enter in your cat circuit. No other explanations…
    this happens with other software? i should suggest to add some ferrite rings along your cable.

    Try tuning with rig set to 5 Watts. It should not happens… if doesn’t happens it’s a RF re-enter in your station between rig and PC. I have connected rig to PC chassis with a copper cable and this solved some troubles (when transmitting on 40mt my PC restarts).

  9. this is the best thing for ham radio since sliced bread.
    it is one great program
    thanks for all your hard work.

  10. Congratulations my friend Daniele by two reasons:
    1. by this excelent program (simple to set and operate, light to run and with all we need on same page);
    2. by give this free to all radioamateurs.
    You give us un good example of HAM RADIO!
    PS: i had published your program on our blog http://trgm.blogspot.pt for portuguese hams.

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