Log4Om il software di gestione per la stazione radioamatoriale.

This is a “bugfix – optimization” release.


Changes and New features

Sat Mode list now changed to specific values. Old values remain untouched

• Added QRZ.com upload facilty from qso grid views

• Added HAMQTH.com upload facility from qso grid views

• Allow IOTA control to show all references on user request, to deal with special cases (new button in IOTA control)

• Added notification message on award update

• Add “Search by callsign” in cluster

Missing “MY_STATE” and “MY_COUNTY” in settings. Added

• MY_SOTA_REF and MY_IOTA added in single QSO edit window

Issues resolved

• Fixed an incorrect visualization of cluster mode in italian language

• Locators are now saved as you type them (with upper and lower case)

QSO archive window position issue fixed

• Issue with 4 digit locators on save/show in KML files has been fixed

• Cluster visualization now retain and use the visualization mode without need to change it at least once (was defaulted to BY COUNTRY everytime)

• Fixed an update issue on new awards management

SOTA statistics doesn’t work correctly under MySQL. Fixed

Default region error in SOTA Award user control. Fixed