Log4Om il software di gestione per la stazione radioamatoriale.

Release notes Version 1.20.0

New features

• Added capability to set custom SQL queries in log searches.

• New solar flux data charts and displays added in menu and recorded with logbook entries.



• “-” separator removed from contest auto-generated SENT value

ROS mode displays the RST as dB

• Fixed incorrect data being saved on QSL sent/rcvd status under some conditions

A & K indexes set on QSO using planetary data

LAT/LON now being updated on lookup and added to log entry

CW Skimmer and RBN now displaying in cluster correctly

Some users reported sudden problems uploading their QSO to QRZ.COM with “user is unauthorized” problem in their log.

Terry G4POP asked QRZ.COM about recent issues and we got the answer:

Yes, this was always the case: the API is a XML Subscriber feature.

Unfortunately, a small bug was identified that was allowing some non-subscriber-users access.

We’ve repaired the bug, and now ALL non-subscribers no longer have access via the API.

Alex M. Tarsha, N0AMT
Web/IT Engineer, QRZ.com

So we can confirm it’s not an issue with latest Log4OM release (1.19.0)