Log4Om il software di gestione per la stazione radioamatoriale.

Some users reported sudden problems uploading their QSO to QRZ.COM with “user is unauthorized” problem in their log.

Terry G4POP asked QRZ.COM about recent issues and we got the answer:

Yes, this was always the case: the API is a XML Subscriber feature.

Unfortunately, a small bug was identified that was allowing some non-subscriber-users access.

We’ve repaired the bug, and now ALL non-subscribers no longer have access via the API.

Alex M. Tarsha, N0AMT
Web/IT Engineer, QRZ.com

So we can confirm it’s not an issue with latest Log4OM release (1.19.0)

Release notes Version 1.19.0

New features

• New integral K1EL Winkeyer control with full support of all versions up to and including Winkeyer Version 3.0

• New cluster spot lookup without QSY (single click/double click)

• Added french version of user manual available also from inside Log4OM

• Automatic user manual download during install (if requested)

• Option to install Omnirig during Log4OM installation

• SOTA Summit List automatic download added

• Added a menu option to ignore CAT updates from rig for manual data entry (Settings)

• New import and export of user awards from/to XML files for backup purposes

Lock QSL Message function added in main User Interface

• Added SAVE AS button to File menu to create a copy of SQLite database

• New QSO DATE/TIME update implemented with +/- time edit to archive manager to massively fix QSO timings

Debug options moved to HELP menu instead of settings form

• New “REQUEST SUPPORT” screen in HELP menu that will create a support package to be sent to developer/support team.


• Added extra lines to NOTE field

• Upload to HRDLog now includes COMMENT field

• Deleting the award database no longer removes user-defined awards

• Awards database will be no more deleted on uninstall, and not overwritten by new versions (ONLY FROM 1.19.0 and later)

• Incorrect sort of JT9 mode list resolved

• Crash in small cluster view under some circumstances now resolved

• Increased the separation between the ADD and Cancel buttons in the main UI

• Import of SRX and STX ADIF fields modified to work with corrupted ADIF files