Log4Om il software di gestione per la stazione radioamatoriale.

We released a new Log4OM 1.17.1 hotfix release to fix issues reported in the 12 hours from release. We apologize for this but we try to stay on top of every issue found

- Fixed ADIF export for powers lower than 1 watt (milliWatt)

- Selecting backup path and cancelling operation will now clear the backup folder (default backup folder is used in PRIMARY backup)

- “thousand separators” is no more available on TX POWER fields. QSO Search parameters still permit any value.


Fixed broken link on Portable edition. Now will download the Portable edition instead of the full one.



New features
• Full support of SOTA with integration to the SOTA Mapping Project and an export/import facility for SOTA CSV’s
New award manager for user-defined awards added together with a set of basic awards e.g. WAB, WAI, IIA, WFF, NATS, World lighthouses and more.
• SOTA and the new user defined awards results are displayed in the ‘Statistics and Awards’ windows.
• Integration with HRDLog online net facility with Log4om Net Control.
• LOTW ADIF download now updates award status.
• Added WAC Award support.
• Added CQ WAZ Award support.
• New sending of LOTW and EQSL QSO status to HRDLOG added.
• Now IARU REGION is automatically selected by a button upon country being selected.
• New FISTS, FISTS_CC & SKCC support.
• Added TX power settings below 1W (Mw).
• Complete automatic backup & restore of configuration data added.
• Integration of the IK3QAR QSL manager database information in the Log4OM Label printing system for more accurate manager data.
• Added an automatic backup when opening another logbook without closing Log4OM
• Added support for ADIF 3.0.x (import/export)
• Labels printing is now sorted alphabetically by country of destination (call or manager)

Issues resolved
• Fixed small malfunctions in DXCC and BAND checkbox lists.
• Stopped Log4OM generating an empty line when exporting QSO’s to an ADIF file.
• In the ‘Show QSL’ window exports now all work OK.
• Clublog external information quality checks added to warn of incomplete information.
• Search qso in contest range function intermittent failure fixed.
• Fixed faulty Alert notification of IOTA spots filter
• Added fields for Input of Notes, SIG and SIG info data
• Communicator “Inbound” settings moved in dedicated submenu to make menu more user friendly.
• New warning message when TQSL file is not found on LOTW upload
• Removed IARU zone default. User will now be forced to set the correct IARU region on first configuration.
• County field in edit window now accepts longer text strings.
• Fixed previous QSO lookup bug.
• Resolved QRA locator issue when a record is retrieved from Clublog.
• Fixed intermittent QSO start date disappearance from NET control.
• Repaired error when opening the program log file
• Net control entries start time vanishing on editing a call now resolved
• Re-arranged main menu’s for ease of use
• New alert added when band and frequency values mismatch when a QSO is being saved.
• RIT offset no longer logged with frequency – Logged frequency is not TX frequency

We’re please to announce that we have opened some new, language specific, forum sections to be able to help users in their own languages. This is a small step through a wider support offered, free, to everyone by our community.

We opened Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German forums.

Forum is available