Log4Om il software di gestione per la stazione radioamatoriale.

This is a “bugfix – optimization” release.


Changes and New features

Sat Mode list now changed to specific values. Old values remain untouched

• Added QRZ.com upload facilty from qso grid views

• Added HAMQTH.com upload facility from qso grid views

• Allow IOTA control to show all references on user request, to deal with special cases (new button in IOTA control)

• Added notification message on award update

• Add “Search by callsign” in cluster

Missing “MY_STATE” and “MY_COUNTY” in settings. Added

• MY_SOTA_REF and MY_IOTA added in single QSO edit window

Issues resolved

• Fixed an incorrect visualization of cluster mode in italian language

• Locators are now saved as you type them (with upper and lower case)

QSO archive window position issue fixed

• Issue with 4 digit locators on save/show in KML files has been fixed

• Cluster visualization now retain and use the visualization mode without need to change it at least once (was defaulted to BY COUNTRY everytime)

• Fixed an update issue on new awards management

SOTA statistics doesn’t work correctly under MySQL. Fixed

Default region error in SOTA Award user control. Fixed


This release is dedicated to Judy Degard, beloved wife of Chuck, K7PT, that recently passed away. Ciao Judy!!!

Release notes Version 1.18

New Features

• Added Google Earth display of locators, worked, QSL, LOTW, Eqsl and LOTW + QSL confirmed, in the QSO Archive manager.

• Automatic upload to the QRZ.COM on line logbook added

• HRDLog and Clublog upload of a single QSO in Recent QSO’s and QSO Archive manager is added

• Added HRDLog and Clublog upload single QSO from QSL Manager.

Automatic Award Recognition by reading comments in cluster a spot adds the award reference (S) to the QSO “Award program” list when a spot is double clicked.

• Add search for award description or code function to QSO award management in QSO entry screen.

• Added a PTT button on the toolbar

• When entering a SOTA contact the Locator for a QSO is now set by using the data from the SOTA reference, not from the normal lookup routine.

Issues resolved

• “Search limit” selected by user is now retained on restart under some circumstances (<5000 and >0)

• Labels: The list of station_callsign is retrieved before a search (all station_callsign in the log) and the station callsign is now used as filter for searching in labels

• Reversed screen position of RST sent and received fields

• Fixed custom highlight issue where they did not appear in cluster until the custom tab was clicked

• Distance is now sorted alphabetically in QSO displays.

• Click link to SOTA mapping site issue fixed

• The SOTA csv export was missing a comma under some circumstances, which caused error on upload – Now resolved

• ADIF 3.0.x export SUB_MODE instead of SUBMODE issue fixed

• SOTA export failing to set a comma when the SOTAREF was missing is now fixed.

• IotaIslandId and MyIotaIslandId fields were too short to store some island descriptions – Field capacity has been extended.

• Many other small enhancements and optimizations along the whole program